Mistakes Ruin Lives!

I am a living testimony that CHOOSING Jesus Christ as Lord & Saviour is the ONLY guarantee to turn mistakes into blessings; but this unfortunately for many requires the consistent practicing of childlike OBEDIENCE to the Word as per the Holy Bible.

Christians who hypocritically criticize or shame others for their mistakes whilst diligently attempting to shroud their own in secrecy are the ABSOLUTE WORST ambassadors for Christ; with them seldom manifesting GOOD SUCCESS and instead like the scoundrels they are resort to Bible scriptures claiming we ALL fall short of Jehovah’s Glory in an effort to absolve themselves when they are inevitably found wanting.

“Criticisms often say more about the critics than those they are criticizing.”

The greatest mistakes are made by those who are loyal to the lies of the devil whilst seemingly being CONTEMPTUOUS of Jehovah’s truth as per Holy Bible teachings; these are the typical slaves in the ‘MATRIX’ who are trying to succeed at a game that was NEVER designed or intended for them to win.

Fundamentally ALL men and women who are NOT PRIORITIZING Kingdom Principles are setting themselves up to become the BIGGEST LOSERS; making the common MISTAKE of believing that accomplishing money, power and status APART from Jehovah and His Kingdom Principles can somehow result in GOOD SUCCESS.

A mind boggling example of a fundamental contradiction today is how easy it is for “modern men” to run around having sex with “modern women” outside the context of marriage and still be considered honorable/successful within the ‘MATRIX’ called the “modern world”; serving to make mockery of those of us PRIORITIZING being husbands and wives according to Kingdom Principles i.e. Husbands loving their wives like Christ loves the church and wives submitting to her OWN husband.

The MISTAKE non-believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour continue to make is BELIEVING that Jehovah can be MOCKED by them accomplishing their hearts desire in defiance of Kingdom Principles.

EVERYONE will get their wakeup call eventually and ONLY those of us who built our lives on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ as our ROCK; in spite of inevitable MISTAKES we will miraculously survive and even thrive at times when the world takes comfort in writing us off.

ANYONE placing their hopes, trust, faith & sense of validation in the ‘MATRIX’ instead of Jehovah will be CONDEMNED by their inevitable MISTAKES which are guaranteed to rob them of the peace and joy EVERYONE desires; not realizing that even the select few who accomplish EVERYTHING their hearts desire as the ULTIMATE will remain PERPETUALLY LOST & UNFULFILLED.

Seeking First the Kingdom of Jehovah and His Righteousness is the wisest choice ANYONE can make and is a choice that has ABSOLUTELY NO PRECONDITIONS unlike the requirements for survival within the ‘MATRIX’.

We ALL make mistakes as imperfect human beings but EVERYONE has an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to become RIGHTEOUS in the eyes of Jehovah by simply accepting Jesus Christ as Lord & Saviour and live a blessed life.


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