Jesus Christ Did It For You!

EVERYTHING that happens in our respective lives MUST have Jehovah’s approval; He will either reward our OBEDIENCE in furtherance of His purpose or ALLOW the devil to use us as pawns in his twisted schemes to steal Jehovah’s Glory.

Jehovah has the authority to force compliance to His Will for our lives; but instead has granted us free will to CHOOSE the way we will go.

Children whom were raised in households to KNOW Jehovah in spite of oftentimes opting to make obviously poor choices that are antithetical to Kingdom Principles; invariably are more likely to find their way back home to Jehovah by way of seeking and receiving His FREE GIFT of salvation.

The Holy Bible tells us to JUDGE NOT because unlike world doctrine and standards that ascribes identity based on things done; ONLY Jehovah KNOWS the hearts of man and waits patiently for EACH & EVERYONE of us to come to our senses whilst the clock ticks numbering the days of our lives.

In the meantime Jehovah allows US ALL to reap what we sow, more than we sow oftentimes later than we sow; as His Kingdom is predicated on farming principles as seen in the many parables in the Holy Bible.

We WILL ALL suffer the consequences of our respective acts of DISOBEDIENCE  commissioned, encouraged or facilitated EVENTUALLY; in spite of even availing ourselves to Jehovah’s FREE GIFT of salvation because a good father NEVER spares the rod and spoil the child.

PUNISHMENT that results in the changing of hearts and minds for better is ALWAYS infinitely better than FACILITATING DISOBEDIENCE; which only serves to reinforce potentially harmful behavior patterns when we promote COMFORT & CONVENIENCE over PRINCIPLE.

We have a generation today living according to their respective FEELINGS as being of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE; which has manifested the current state of anarchy where EVERYONE acts entitled to “HAVING IT YOUR WAY” as if ordering food at Burger King.

PRINCIPLES & STANDARDS are ABSOLUTE NECESSITIES in order for there to be ORDER in societies in general and relationships in particular; hence as it is that a country is headed for disaster when the slaves becomes the master, the same consequences holds true in marriages when those whom Jehovah ordained submissive seek to usurp the authority of headship.

EVERYTHING that has gone wrong or is going wrong in society today can be linked to PRACTICES & BELIEFS that CONTRADICTS the Word in the Holy Bible; it is therefore no wonder why the devil finds it ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to ensure we are IGNORANT of Holy Bible teachings whilst concurrently promoting world doctrine as the ULTIMATE.

There is no fool like a person who is ignorant of Holy Bible teachings; worst when Satan consistently rewards their ignorance as bait to entice the gullible to fall into his trap.

The devil uses COMFORT & CONVENIENCE as bait to trick the masses into believing that ALL IS WELL; so long as it’s possible to manipulate people and circumstances to have our respective desires met by or through them.

The ONLY trouble with this philosophy is that we live in a world predicated on a principle of WINNERS TAKE ALL; and though all will run there is ONLY one first place in EVERY RACE effectively creating a majority of LOSERS.

ONLY in Jehovah’s Kingdom can we ALL be winners according to His purpose for our respective lives; hence outside of the Kingdom there will be many frustrated LOSERS seeking validation and affirmation from a misguided world.

The futility of world doctrine is manifested in the daily reality for a majority of persons who are engaged in MEANINGLESS competition; pursuing relevance according to antichrist standards which is iniquitous at best resulting in FRUSTRATION & DESPAIR.

EVERYONE who is OBEDIENT to Jehovah are WINNERS in His Kingdom; otherwise this world is NOTHING MORE THAN a place where there are a MAJORITY of losers engaged in POINTLESS COMPETITION seeking relevance, affirmation and notoriety.

We are ALL BETTER OFF Seeking First the Kingdom of Jehovah and His Righteousness thereby becoming GUARANTEED WINNERS; instead of being losers and pawns in Satan’s twisted game show geared towards stealing Jehovah’s Glory.

Jehovah is not MOCKED in spite of appearances to the contrary as ALL MANIFEST DISOBEDIENCE to the Word as per the Holy Bible will NEVER result in GOOD SUCCESS.

Jesus Christ died for ALL OUR SINS whilst affording us the luxury of freewill to choose an eternal life of peace and joy for FREE; instead of pointless striving after earthly gains as the ultimate reward for DISOBEDIENCE to the Word which comes at the expense of our souls. 



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