We live in a world where Satan has systematically manipulated circumstances to reduce manhood to bare minimum standard of a person having a penis together with engaging in premarital and extramarital sex; resulting in a modern state of affairs where males of all ages are masquerading as men in contradiction of Holy Bible definition as the manual from Jehovah as the Creator of ALL.

The absence of men continues to pave the way for the antichrist to exercise dominion over the world by promoting and encouraging cultural moral depravity which inevitably results in emotional trauma at a minimum; or the ultimate disastrous consequence when children are born and raised APART from Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles according to Holy Bible teachings to set in motion a vicious cycle of generational curses.

Males have ABSOLUTELY NO authority from Jehovah to become the head of households irrespective of their worldly material existential accomplishments; hence whenever such men become fathers and husbands they effectively function as Satan’s silver bullet in furtherance of undermining the FAMILY by creating the fertile ground for normalized single mother led households irrespective of their physical presence in homes.

The odds of single mothers raising boys to become men is slim to zero without them FIRST COMMITTING to being under the spiritual authority of a man as her father, husband or pastor who are themselves unequivocally COMMITTED to Holy Bible teachings.

Another one of Satan’s most potent strategies to UNDERMINE families generationally is to manipulate economic circumstances in ways that encourages women in general and those in particular who are ignorant &/or CONTEMPTUOUS of Holy Bible teachings; to foolishly believe this somehow will override Jehovah’s instructions for marriage, having and raising children according to His Kingdom Principles.

The absence of men is the cause of EVERYTHING that’s WRONG in the world today because this causes children to be born and raised in circumstances where at best they may grow up to be males and females who are MOST accomplished materially and existentially; but will NEVER become men and women according to Jehovah’s Kingdom definition thereby perpetuating the CONFUSION which Holy Bible Believing Christians know to be generational curses.

Boys who were raised feminized to become materially existentially accomplished adult males at best will NOT be able to command the respect from women as is necessary for them to fulfill Jehovah’s mandate as husbands in furtherance of the FAMILY; which is compounded by the fact that girls grow up masculinized to protect themselves from being abused by these males masquerading as men giving credence to the ungodly claim that they don’t need men when in fact they really mean these males who are being influenced by the antichrist.

Men who are steadfast in their COMMITMENT to Holy Bible teachings WILL attract godly women as wives &/or inspire lesser females to come up higher in furtherance of FAMILY as the ULTIMATE accomplishment; thereby changing the trajectory of stranglehold Satan has on the world today intending to thwart Jehovah’s Kingdom Authority on earth.

Apart from Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles and more specifically until men show up to the world stage; males and females will continue to feel justified pursuing antichrist agendas including being members of the LGBTQ community consistent with the designs of Satan in furtherance of his dominion through chaos and confusion.

Satan’s reign on earth is guaranteed as long as children continue to be born and raised in circumstances APART from Jehovah’s Kingdom Authority as per Holy Bible teachings ; thereby paving the way for the existing gender confusion which allows males and females to masquerade as men and women on the basis of their material existential accomplishments.

Seeking First the Kingdom of Jehovah and His Righteousness is the ONLY way males and females will be able to successfully transition into men and women worthy of becoming husbands and wives in furtherance of the FAMILY as the ULTIMATE accomplishment that is universally attainable by EVERYONE.


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