What is the concept of misandry?

Misandry is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against men or boys.

What are the forms of misandry?

Misandry can manifest itself in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of men, violence against men, and sexual objectification of men.

Modern women are being overlooked, avoiding &/or are failing in marriages because a majority were raised in traditional households where their father’s abused the authority that came with them being the only or primary breadwinners; resulting in the mothers unwittingly and subconsciously transferring their deep seated resentment in socializing their sons to be overly feminized and the daughters highly masculinized.

These frustrated and disenchanted mothers typically raise their children to prioritize the economic independence they never had as the thing that was the source of their greatest insecurity and emotional pain; which comes at the expense of cultivating the family and relationships that were undoubtedly their own greatest accomplishments albeit most unfortunately not celebrated as it rightly deserved.

Men irrespective of their lack of masculinity will find it infinitely easier to get married on the basis of their economic accomplishments more so than their female counterparts who in spite of even being more successful by a similar matrix; will most likely only be able to attract men for sex and in far too many circumstances becoming “baby mamas” who become even more jaded and contemptuous of Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles.

Children if left to their own design will instinctively and subconsciously desire spouses who epitomizes the selective traits they admire most in their own parents whilst discounting the other less celebrated qualities that actually served as the glue which held their families together as they knew it e.g. there would have been infinitely fewer marriages and more divorces if traditional women were as masculinized as modern women they created and if traditional men were as emotionally weak, self absorbed and lacked loyalty to the community like the sons they raised.

In the final analysis it requires femininity and submission from wives as a basic ingredient for creating healthy marriages and households within the modern construct where everyone is competing with each other and prioritizing selfish ambitions foolishly believing economic success can replace the love and nurture of mothers.

The modern family dynamic is a manifestation of the dilemma that is associated with the proverbial chicken and eggs scenario where no one is willing to commit to their roles according to Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles and Holy Bible teachings; but instead view success as being anything that fuels individual economic enrichment at the expense of becoming husbands and wives in furtherance of generational legacy as the Creator intended.

Husbands and wives who put Jehovah First place in their lives will never find their fundamental roles in conflict with Holy Bible teachings; whereas non-believers in Jesus Christ are the ones who typically confuse their roles in the world with what is required to succeed in marriage and raising children to glorify the Creator.

It is high time for married Christian couples to start modeling what it means to be in successful Godly marriages instead of being allies to the system that normalizes the fallacy that it is possible to be selectively independent but stay together on the basis of disproportionate convenience consistent with the prevailing toxic Masculinity & Feminist agendas.

Given the slim picking of boys who are being raised to become Kingdom men and husbands capable of leading families in modern societies; I am absolutely sympathetic to daughters being raised to become economically and otherwise independent of potentially entitled, emotionally and physically abusive men but just not at the expense of their God ordained femininity which is critical for the survival of mankind.

As a Christian man who is 100% committed to Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles as per Holy Bible teachings; I know that any form of independence women seek to accomplish which comes at the expense of their femininity will abort the tremendous blessings that the Creator reserves for marriages without exceptions.

We all need Jesus Christ and Holy Bible teachings in every aspect of our lives consistent with seeking First the Kingdom of Jehovah and His Righteousness🙏🏿


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