Self-esteem is a person’s unique identity in the Creator of the universe as a thing that CANNOT be acquired externally by way of one’s position, possessions and notoriety in this world.

Satan is having and WILL ALWAYS have a field day in the lives of persons who lack self esteem by keeping them perpetually striving to accomplish external validation and affirmation that is subjected to comparisons with others causing emotional distress.

Self-esteem is a spiritual phenomenon that requires an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord & Saviour; without which persons are perpetually trapped seeking validation and affirmation from the world (MATRIX) that is controlled by Satan designed to advance his antichrist agenda.

Premarital and extramarital sexual intercourse is seemingly an equal opportunity dysfunction which epitomises a lack of self esteem contrary to popular belief; as this act involves what is tantamount to mutual sacrificial giving of one’s self without making a COVENANT COMMITMENT a precondition.

A lack of self esteem is symptomatic and emblematic of spiritual separation from Jehovah which makes any effort to forge meaningful relationships with such individuals problematic at best and ABSOLUTELY DISASTROUS when this results in having children in or out of wedlock.

Children who are born and raised in or out of wedlock by a parent (s) who have low self esteem are at a severe disadvantage of suffering a similar fate UNTIL they discover a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord & Saviour for themselves.

“Show me an over-achiever who does not have a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord & Saviour and I will show you a person with a probability of almost (1) that they have low or no self esteem.”

Men who lack self esteem are extremely ill equipped to become the kind of husband who will love his wife the way that Jesus Christ loves the church; as are women who similarly lack self esteem will be able to submit to their own husbands.

Satan’s raison d’etre to perpetuate ignorance about Holy Bible teachings is precisely to create spiritual separation from Jehovah in order that he may destroy individual’s self esteem; which causes an overwhelming majority of persons to seek validation and affirmation from extra personal, material existential things that he controls.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that a majority of persons who the world (MATRIX) celebrates as successful and accomplished; in a private capacity within the context of intimacy APART from Jehovah they are very insecure people who lack self esteem hence their reliance on extra personal validation.

Men & Women who have high self esteem readily become husbands and wives who are able to COMMIT to a COVENANT marriage in submission to Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles; whereas others epitomise low self esteem by having a NEED to be seen, heard and validated by ANY means possible and in particular ways that are endorsed by popular culture which invariably is influenced by the antichrist.

Men who love and respect women exude high self esteem at the expense of being considered SIMPS by a reprobate popular culture; whilst women having high self esteem are comfortable in their femininity and are able to attract Kingdom husbands to do marriage according to Holy Bible teachings.

Having high self esteem unfortunately does not translate to infallibility nor necessarily precluding persons from making mistakes; however such persons seldom allow moments of lapse in judgment and transgressions to become defining events in their lives.

Seeking First the Kingdom of Jehovah and His Righteousness builds self esteem and mitigates reliance on people, possessions and positions for validation and affirmation.  


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