Back to School. Will My Child Get The Attention He/She Deserves? Do “True Teachers” Exist?

Heading back to school, most parents concern is making sure that their children have everything ready. Whilst for some, it is getting ready to meet the new teacher. Will this teacher be able to reach my child/children? Can this teacher be trusted to care for my child/children the right way? These are some of the many concerns of parents who have no choice but to trust teachers with their ‘bundle of joy’. The truth is, these apprehensive parents will never know until the clock strikes 8 on the first day of school and thereafter.

 True teachers do exist! There are teachers in the profession not just for the opportunity, so let us salute those teachers who are in the profession for the love of children and our future leaders. In this article a true teacher is referred to as someone who is first called by the Creator to serve in that capacity and one who is dedicated to the task at hand; instilling good values and morals in our children.

A true teacher is one who has the children’s interest at heart, always willing to go the extra mile, gets upset when children are treated inappropriately or abused. Once a person takes on the role of a teacher; especially for the kindergarten students, one should understand that it is not just saying you are a teacher it is more the action or expression that will be of importance. A teacher should naturally possess the following characteristics: loving, caring, kind, understanding, gentle, patient, trustworthy, responsible, intelligent, and above all God fearing. The children are our future, in order for our future to be a bright and prosperous one we have to steer our children in the right direction. For this process to be successful the teachers ought to be held accountable for each life they touch on a daily basis.

I remember being told by a teacher at age 9 that I don’t know my bed head different from my bed foot and, how damaging it was to my self-esteem. I gave up without even trying as a result I could not pass an exam, I stopped dreaming, I believed I was dull so I started behaving dull, I joked out high school I was like a comedian in my class. I remember my form teacher in grade 9 saying to me ‘why do behave like that and you are a bright girl?’ that was a question I could not answer until doing Psychology in college. I was messed up in mind because of my teacher!

A teacher has the power to either build or destroy a child, it is sad that some choose to destroy rather than build. With teachers being so powerful, one should consider personality testing of teachers compulsory in order to enter the profession. An outgoing person is usually friendly, kind and loving. The use of the personality test will help eliminate the problem of teachers who are in the classroom doing more damage than good to children because they do not possess the characteristics of a teacher.

For the class to flow and learning to take place, the teacher should display warmth and develop an atmosphere where children feel comfortable and safe. An organised teacher is an efficient teacher. Preparation for class should be done the day before; teaching time should NOT be used for preparing lessons. Evaluation and reflection is vital, this will help to assess whether learning has taken place and what to do to help those who are struggling with concepts taught or whatever issue observed. Having the ability to maintain an atmosphere where learning takes place easily is a must. Applying wisdom in situations that show difficulty in resolving is a plus.

A true teacher should be enthusiastic about learning, ensure no child is left behind, will not stop until there is evidence of learning, will NEVER give up on a child, will NOT speak negatively to or over a child, will NOT ill treat a child or ignore a child because of a parent’s behaviour towards him/her, will see all children as one and try in all means possible to protect them, displaying nothing less than unconditional love towards children. A true teacher sees teaching as a vacation rather than a profession.

Pray and hope that your child or children will be placed in the care of a TRUE teacher.

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This post is contrubuted by Melisa Thompson. Melisa is an elementary school teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Guidance and Counselling. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Special Education at Nova Southeastern University. 

Educating and learning from my students is how she enjoys spending her days. In her spare time she enjoys socializing, especially with other educators.


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