Organic Female Femininity is the Missing Link

It is IMPOSSIBLE for ANY man who has ever experienced the love of a woman living true to her ORGANIC FEMININITY; and according to Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles to EVER settle for ANYTHING LESS in his lifetime.

The problem however is that modern societies have become so technologically advanced that it has created a fertile environment; to support the illusion of a world where gender is apparently irrelevant to daily SURVIVAL within the context of the ‘MATRIX’.

The rationalization and justification of SURVIVAL in the ‘MATRIX’ as being of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE and end all be all; has effectively killed FEMININITY in women giving impetus for mankind chose to live APART from Kingdom Principles and FEEL successful.

Premarital sex is to be blamed 100% for the demise of FEMININITY because of the UNINTENDED & UNDESIRABLE consequences as ANYONE believing they can participate in what Jehovah ordained for a specific purpose alternatively without experiencing repercussions are FOOLS.

The final nail in the coffin for the demise of FEMININITY began when women were NO LONGER made to feel ASHAMED for freely granting access to sex; to random men who were NOT COMMITTED to them as husbands with the ATTENDANT consequences of children being born out of wedlock.

It has ALWAYS been and remains a FACT that if a man has sex with a woman without her expressed consent; this is considered RAPE and a CRIMINAL OFFENSE punishable under the law from time memorial.

It is therefore ABSURD for women to seek to rationalize becoming masculinized as a SURVIVAL mechanism from having to raise children alone; conveniently NEGLECTING to accept FULL RESPONSIBILITY for having granted access to what had CREATED the adverse circumstances as a consequence of DEVIANT BEHAVIOR in the first place.

I personally have ANSOLUTELY NO SYMPATHY for baby mamas who were not subjected to rape; seeking equivalence in status with divorced women as well as being unapologetic that ALL rapist should be put to death.

Quite frankly I believe divorced women should be deliberate about making a distinction between themselves and baby mamas as an IMPORTANT first step in stemming the tide of RATCHETNESS which created these baby mamas instead of supporting an ungodly alliance with these women in the name of sisterhood.

Marriages are under siege from the kinds of thinking that manifests baby mamas as a natural consequence, which ONLY serves to KILL FEMININITY in our women, without which in today’s world men and women have become INDISTINGUISHABLE, particularly as far as the ‘MATRIX’ is concerned.

The normalization of circumstances that created baby mamas opened pandora’s box to ALL OTHER forms of RATCHETNESS; hence my conclusion that there is NO WAY on earth or in heaven that ANYONE who was raised in a family operating according to Kingdom Principles where ORGANIC FEMININITY was modeled could ACCEPT ANYTHING ELSE as viable.

A FEMININE woman will ALWAYS be a wife if she SO CHOOSES whereas ALL others are destined to be unmarried or if by the luck become married; WILL STRUGGLE to preserve their marriages until they somehow learn to draw on their Jehovah ordained SUPERPOWER, which is her ORGANIC FEMININITY.

I pray EVERY man and woman will come to UNDERSTAND that we’re NOTHING without each other; operating as husbands and wives according to Kingdom Principles in furtherance of Jehovah’s INTENTION for FAMILY as PRIORITY #1.

Give me a God-fearing wife who is COMMITTED to her ORGANIC FEMININITY and Kingdom Principles ANYDAY over ALL the money, power or status the ‘MATRIX’ has to offer that ultimately leads to hell APART from Jehovah.

Seeking First the Kingdom of Jehovah and His Righteousness is the ONLY WAY to escape the trap of the devil who manipulates the ‘MATRIX’ as bait to convince fools to live like there is NO Jehovah and that this world is ULTIMATE in accomplishment.


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