Money is a Means to an End

Ecclesiastes 7:12 (King James Version) tells us “For wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense; but the excellence of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to those who have it.”

Money is a universal language that provides valuable insights about the spirit of a man; and allows those blessed with wisdom which is a ‘FREE GIFT’ from Jehovah to discern the hearts of not only themselves but of those with whom they interact daily.

The saying “put your money where your mouth is” reveals much more about a person mindset; than ANYTHING they claim by way of utterances that will invariably have hidden agendas.

The ways in which a person spends money and on whom they spend it will ultimately reveal whether or not they have a spirit of generosity that comes from Jehovah; or a spirit of manipulation that is most definitely of the devil and wisdom overtime is the only way to tell the difference.

One thing for certain is that money is a tool like every other that can either be used for good or evil; and upon careful interrogation of a person’s spending habits the difference will be readily apparent.

If everyone had sufficient money, then this would obviously nullify its significance; and begs the question as to when will it ever be enough?

Money has the uncanny distinction of being an equal opportunity enslaver of persons irrespective of the amounts they possess; because an overwhelming majority of persons have seemingly made it an end in itself, and they can NEVER have enough or make time for it to be a blessing to themselves and others.

The greatest gift I can give to ANYONE is my time and for me money is merely the icing on the cake; to add excitement to how I spend this as my MOST precious resource reserved for those choosing to be joined to me.

One thing is certain in this lifetime, and it is that NONE of us know how much longer we have left on planet earth; hence wisdom should dictate that we make the best of EVERY MOMENT and use whatever money we have to PRIORITIZE time spent to enhance our MOST VALUABLE RELATIONSHIPS.

From a very young age, I discovered money to be my ‘love language’ and I ALWAYS receive a high whenever I use the amounts at my disposal to be a blessing to others in furtherance of building and maintaining healthy relationships.

The fly in the ointment however is always the unfortunate reality of persons having an ungodly spirit of entitlement; which predisposes many to take generosity for granted with some even justifying the making of unfounded demands.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to remain generous APART from Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles which essentially tells us to do ALL THINGS as if unto the Creator of ALL; as this is the ONLY way to seamlessly mitigate inevitable disappointment from being taken for granted.

The above situations can oftentimes be emotionally traumatic to all but those who are master manipulators; because these persons are adept at using the power of money in furtherance of their selfish ambitions purely on a transactional basis.

The irony of life is that we live in a world that celebrates these master manipulators whilst denigrating others who genuinely have a generous spirit; who willingly give of their time and energies which unfortunately means NOTHING if not accompanied by money.

The love of money is indeed the root of ALL EVIL and is overwhelmingly the denomination by which worth is exclusively measured; as apparently without money there can be NO love, NO respect and seemingly NO understanding.

The reason we have 80% of women giving access to sex to less than 20% of men without making marriage a precondition is ALL about money; with the ATTENDANT adverse consequences of bastard children and the vicious cycle this perpetuates.

The reason why a majority of men who want to be married but cannot find suitable wives is ALL about money; whilst having many single women preoccupied with illusions of grandeur claiming themselves successful and living their best lives.

The number one cause of the morality crisis in modern societies is ALL about money as seemingly EVERYTHING is permissible and justifiable where the ungodly pursuit of filthy lucre is concerned.

Money is the reason why a majority of persons have CONTEMPT for the profound significance of Good Friday as being a time when EVERYONE should take pause and remember that Jesus Christ died on Calvary for the forgiveness of ALL our sins that we unavoidably commit EVERYDAY.

Having money is indeed a wonderful thing but APART from Jehovah it means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING; and will be a force for evil that will enslave a majority of persons in spite of best of intentions.

Seeking First the Kingdom of Jehovah and His Righteousness will give the requisite perspective about money that will not only be liberating; but will guarantee the realization of UNPRECEDENTED levels of Peace and Joy in the lives of ALL who use it to build and ENRICH relationships as the ULTIMATE.


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