When marriages according to Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles are recognised as the ULTIMATE end goal for human endeavor; then the world WILL benefit from this COVENANT AGREEMENT with the Creator as promised in Holy Bible teachings instead of living in bondage lusting after the illusion of Satan’s ‘MATRIX’. 

Whenever marriages are entered into as a means to accomplish an individual’s selfish ambitions; this epitomizes and WILL manifest the true meaning of realizing a life of hell on earth. 

Men who DO NOT subscribe to Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles as is the hallmark of being a Holy Bible reading and believing Christian; they WILL NOT have the Holy Spirit to empower them love their wives like Jesus Christ loves the church as this is IMPOSSIBLE with self-effort. 

Women who likewise DO NOT subscribe to Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles according to Holy Bible teachings; WILL LIKEWISE NOT have the Holy Spirit to help them SUBMIT to their OWN husbands as unto Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. 

Satan’s raison d’etre that caused his expulsion from heaven remains his desire to USURP the glory from mankind who were made in Jehovah’s image for this expressed purpose which is now being accomplished by way of the ‘MATRIX’ as the alternative universe created by Satan to be the place where antichrist principles reign supreme. 

The overwhelming majority of things that a person is required to do in furtherance of success within the context of the ‘MATRIX’ are either OVERTLY antithetical to Holy Bible teachings; or WILL in some way shape or form UNDERMINE their ability to honor Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles. 

It should therefore not come as a surprise that the ‘MATRIX’ creates fertile ground to disproportionately encourage, support and perpetuate singleness; as it is the MOST potent reason why marriages are either NOT deemed attractive as Jehovah INTENDED, is the primary incentive for divorces or the leading cause for spouses NOT doing marriage according to Holy Bible teachings. 

EVERY marriage that is NOT being done according to Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles ARE IN FACT dysfunctional in ALL the areas that are FUNDAMENTAL to promoting peace and joy relationally as such relationships WILL inevitably become emotionally toxic and unnecessarily combative because such marriages were entered into as means to an end of accomplishing selfish ambitions that is seldom aligned. 

Marriages that are done according to Holy Bible teachings are those that WILL produce off-springs that are emotionally and spiritually balanced IRRESPECTIVE of Satan’s efforts to leverage the ‘MATRIX’ in furtherance of his antichrist agendas. 

Couples who are rooted in Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles WILL withstand the influences of Satan’s systematic manipulation of the ‘MATRIX’ to allocate scarce economic resources or social status in furtherance of his antichrist agenda; by remaining COMMITTED to honoring their COVENANT to be husbands who love their wives like Jesus Christ loves the church and being wives who are SUBMISSIVE to their OWN husbands. 

The ‘MATRIX’ epitomizes Satan’s alternative universe to Jehovah’s Kingdom where singleness by whatever means is promoted and marriages are forced to die; this is the place where rank individualism is encouraged as the pathway to success thereby suffocating relationships and causing their untimely death. 

Marriages according to Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles is a dress rehearsal for a future in heaven as spouses learn supernatural COMMITMENT to selflessness as the secret ingredient for accomplishing INFINITELY MORE than is ever possible from individualistic and selfish pursuits. 

Singleness and marriages predicated on the consistent chasing after &/or trying to secure individualistic and selfish ambitions is GUARANTEED to manifest emotional trauma; even in spite of person’s actually accomplishing their desired outcomes they WILL have ABSOLUTELY NO peace or joy in ways that exemplifies what it means to live in hell on earth. 

Children who are born &/or raised outside the context of marriages ACCORDING to Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles is a primary objective of the ‘MATRIX’; as unfortunately they are MOST SUSCEPTIBLE to being used by Satan in furtherance of perpetuating his antichrist agenda to establish hell on earth. 

Seeking First the Kingdom of Jehovah and His Righteousness is the ONLY way to cauterize the stranglehold Satan has in using the ‘MATRIX’ in furtherance of advancing his antichrist agenda to create hell on earth.  


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