It’s the ‘Matrix’, Stupid!

The greatest of men born of a woman are INFINITELY LESS THAN the least in the Kingdom of Jehovah; Oh, but only if ALL would read, understand and practice Holy Bible teachings in order to gain wisdom as a prerequisite of living a blessed life.

Unfortunately, there is a growing majority of persons who are acquiescing and subscribing to the ‘MATRIX‘ – Satan’s MOST successful invention – that has served to systematically disenfranchise the righteous whilst concurrently promoting evil to positions of honor in an effort to mock Jehovah.

Galatian 6:7 tells us however that “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Persons who remain confused as to why they are MORE LIKELY to be understood, loved, supported and affirmed in relationships steeped in fornication and adultery; when compared to many marriages are clearly NAIVE about Satan’s authority to manipulate circumstances in order to contravene Kingdom Principles.

A growing majority of men, irrespective of whether or not they are married and have children, seemingly are able to justify COMMITTING TO & LOVING their businesses, jobs and just about ANYTHING ELSE; akin to Jesus Christ loving the church INSTEAD of being able to PRIORITIZE marriage and having this same affection for their OWN wives.

Similarly, there is an overwhelming majority of women who are seemingly more amenable to entertaining the MOST toxic relationships with businesses, jobs and ANYTHING; but simply CANNOT WILLINGLY SUBMIT to the authority of their OWN husbands.

Persons who are students of Holy Bible teachings and Kingdom Principles will readily understand how Satan systematically manipulates circumstances by way of the ‘MATRIX’ to destroy the prospects for FAMILY as Jehovah INTENDED.

In retrospect I am therefore not surprised that seemingly the MOST loyal, physically demonstrative, loving and submissive relationships I have encountered in my lifetime; were those underpinned by fornication and adultery because the ‘MATRIX’ has been very deliberate about creating a dynamic intending to kill these vital emotions in marriages.

It is also likewise not surprising that the men that women typically find MOST ATTRACTIVE are unfortunately those they WOULD NEVER WANT TO MARRY; but will allow their indiscretions to make them baby fathers and thereafter become bitter antagonist towards Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles for marriage.

The ‘MATRIX’ is Satan’s earthly response to Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles that has been MOST successful; purely on the basis of pandering to the basest of human instincts and desires by incentivizing selfishness or just about ANYTHING that is antithetical to Holy Bible teachings.

In the ‘MATRIX’ you can expect to find the equivalent of whore mongers and harlots having pride of place; being celebrated amongst the MOST accomplished when compared to those of who endeavor to live in OBEDIENCE to Kingdom Principles.

The ‘MATRIX’ has hijacked the definition of success in modern societies to mean just about ANYTHING that defies Holy Bible teachings; which is the simple explanation why in spite of technological and economic advancements we have less Peace and Joy becoming WORSE OFF today than our God-fearing ancestors.

Today the concept of marriage as being one man and one woman living as husbands and wives according to Kingdom Principles; is increasingly becoming an anomaly with many insisting on injecting antichrist standards and then wonder why marriages are failing at such an alarming rate.

The ABSOLUTE BEST thing that parents can do for their children is to MODEL a marriage where the fathers are husbands to their children’s mothers who are COMMITTED to loving them like Christ loves the church whilst the mothers as wives to their fathers are demonstrably being SUBMISSIVE to them as their OWN husbands.

OBEDIENCE to Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles is predicated on the simple premise that He is in ABSOLUTE CONTROL of ALL outcomes; hence there is NO NEED for caveats, negotiations and equivocations when following His commandments seeing He is a FAIR & JUST God.

Men and women are NOT INHERENTLY incapable of LOVING and being SUBMISSIVE; the problem is simply that they REFUSE so to do in the context of marriage to their OWN husbands and wives which is a condition that is deliberately aided and abetted by the ‘MATRIX‘.

It was a master stroke when the Antichrist succeeded in removing Holy Bible teachings from our school curriculum, because in this relatively short period of time, there has been unprecedented surges in moral depravity and heinous crimes against humanity in all aspects of society.

The ‘MATRIX’ continues to reinforce the notion that ALL that matters is academic accomplishments and ANY endeavor from which money &/or status may be derived, serving to UNDERMINE EVERYTHING that Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles emphasizes by way of Holy Bible teachings.

One of life’s greatest tragedies is to believe you’re living in heaven when in FACT you’re living in hell…precisely the outcome for persons who CANNOT find Peace and Joy from ANYTHING the world or ‘MATRIX’ affords and celebrates as accomplishments that are in clear contravention of Holy Bible teachings.

Jehovah’s Purpose for my life TRUMPS EVERYTHING that the ‘MATRIX’ can only promise but NEVER deliver from experience as Peace and Joy are the ULTIMATE FREE GIFTS that are RESERVED for persons who have made Jesus Christ their Lord & Saviour and COMMITTED to Seeking First the Kingdom of Jehovah and His Righteousness at ALL TIMES.


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