Humans are innately selfish as a condition which manifests ungodly propensities and predispositions to magnify the importance of the less than 20% of things that are less than ideal; thereby paving the way for a complaining spirit of ingratitude to perpetuate behaviours and attitudes which invariably jeopardizes the more than 80% of desirable things we take for granted until eventually EVERYTHING is lost.

EVERY relationship that is being pursued APART from Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles in the final analysis WILL prove to be 100% about FINANCES; which is the single most compelling reason for many persons remaining single and perpetually striving after idolatrous ambitions to the detriment of finding marriage according to Holy Bible teachings attractive.

Spouses who CHOOSE to be married whilst endeavoring to indulge idolatrous single lifestyles; need to be reminded of they are under a COVENANT which makes this antithetical to Kingdom Principles and Jehovah is NOT MOCKED.

I have NEVER seen an adulterer as a married spouse who commits financial, emotional and sexual infidelity; who has escaped the wrath of Jehovah to live scot-free in spite of their apparent successes and appearance to be winning at the game called life.

There are even some who believe that by slapping on the label of Christian and practicing religion whilst selectively acquiescing to Satan’s ‘MATRIX‘; this will somehow MITIGATE the sure consequences of DISOBEDIENCE to Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles.

Let us be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR about one constant in life which is “We Shall All Reap What We Sow, More Than We Sow, Later Than We Sow” without exception; hence it’s pointless attempting to mislead others in furtherance of gaining unfair advantages in this world because Jehovah is Omnipotent & Omnipresent and He IS NOT MOCKED!!

Financial Infidelity happens when spouses intentionally lie by omission or lie by commission about money &/or assets owned; when you deliberately choose NOT to tell the truth about your spending habits (no matter how big or small), that is financial infidelity.

Marriages in general and Christian marriages in particular are no longer attractive in the modern world because of the desire to selectively retain financial independence to do as one pleases without accountability; because Money is the universal idol that MUST be acquired and secured as an end in itself as if to replace Jehovah Who is our ONLY true source.

Satan has so much perverted modern culture to the extent where marriages are ONLY valuable in so far as it can be leveraged as a means for individuals to accomplish and sustain their respective independent selfish financial ambitions; with husbands loving their wives like Christ loves the church and wives in turn being submissive to their OWN husbands as the FURTHEST THING from their respective minds.

The majority of modern marriages are being lived APART from Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles which effectively makes them financial arrangements first and foremost ; with husbands and wives secretly seeking to leverage the relationship for their respective independent selfish ambitions which manifest itself as Financial Infidelity.

My first encounter with Financial Infidelity was overhearing an adult conversation when I was about five years old where a husband and father of four was LAMENTING the fact that his stay-at-home wife offered to lend him money; purportedly to pay their household expenses on one occasion where he was struggling so to do having been the sole breadwinner of the family throughout their marriage of over twenty years at the time.

Subsequently, as an adult I discovered this was merely par for the course of Financial Infidelity that continues to dog modern marriages as many spouses intentionally CHOOSE to selectively handle money and assets as though they are single; whilst disproportionately contributing to the matrimonial benefits being enjoyed consistent with traditional gender role expectations under the guise of being open, honest and transparent.

Husbands and wives in “modern” marriages CHOOSING to live APART from Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles; deceptively maintain a status quo where they can freely circumvent accountability to each other thereby allowing Financial Infidelity to become the gateway to their eventual outright adultery when the right excuse permits.

Whenever there is a lack of trust between couples concerning money and assets there WILL be a LACK OF INTIMACY; as these relationships WILL MOST LIKELY FAIL whenever there are significant changes in circumstances adversely affecting the prevailing benefits status quo.

Idolaters makes the ABSOLUTE WORST husbands and wives as such persons are incapable of being emotionally vulnerable, loyal and accountable; thereby denying their marriage the oxygen it requires to accomplish intimacy which is a byproduct of trusting Jehovah to honour His COVENANT to grant peace and joy under ALL circumstances.

Seeking First the Kingdom of Jehovah and His Righteousness will MITIGATE the impulse to take refuge in position, possessions and people within the context of Satan’s ‘MATRIX‘ which are ONLY distractions to perpetuate misery.


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