Favors are Meant to be Paid Forward

The hearts of true Givers are to do all the good they can for all the people they can as long as they can; compared to Takers who are strategic in granting favors calculatingly expecting payback plus interest.

True Givers are ALWAYS GUARANTEED to receive blessings from Jehovah who promise that their cups will remain full and running over; unlike Takers who give to get back a return on their investment with an insatiable appetite that invariably leaves them disappointed and bitter.

Unfortunately whenever a person for whatever reason accepts favors from Strategic Givers, who are essentially Takers in disguise; they run the risk of having them constantly attempting to rain on their parade in the future for having unwittingly and inadvertently taken on debts that CAN NEVER be repaid satisfactorily.

This was a MOST VALUABLE lesson I learnt over the years and specifically from events that followed the worldwide economic tsunami of the mid 2000’s that resulted in me losing EVERYTHING; I had NEVER before been forced to borrow or accept favors in a personal capacity and relegated ALL previous need to borrow money with banks EXCLUSIVELY.

Forget ALL the great selfless things anyone may have done in their past; in today’s world there is ALWAYS a distinct probability of being treated as good as your last transaction as there is seemingly an overwhelming majority of persons suffering from a disease called “Selective Amnesia.”

The probability that the acceptance of favors from “Strategic Givers” will create the worst of enemies when uncommunicated agendas are not met is close to 1; which those students versed in statistics will readily appreciate to be an almost certainty with the oftentimes added insult to injury of having others ignorant to pertinent facts readily joining the bandwagon to hate.

Most people operating outside of Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles are most prone to becoming emotional vampires; who seek to leverage the pain or catastrophe of others by granting favors in furtherance of their own selfish ambitions only to become bitter whenever their hopes are dashed.

Justice demands payback of quantifiable debts in cases where borrowers had not already contributed significantly to the means by which the provision was facilitated in the first instance; and most definitely NOT obliged to repay debts to persons who either benefited or stood most so to do if things turned out as favorably as was anticipated.

The most classic example of the above I knew of firsthand growing up was witnessing a stay-at-home wife and mother of four having NO readily apparent independent source of income; claiming her husband OWED her money that she contributed towards paying household expenses on one occasion when he experienced a financially challenging situation.

Unbeknownst to me as a young child at the time, I was witnessing the birth of the “modern woman phenomenon” which essentially describes a kind of mindset predicated on a desire for “eating one’s cake and still having it.”

Obviously this wife was lending her husband what essentially was his money that he afforded her the ability to save in the first instance; which highlights the cockeyed view that still prevails in many modern marriages APART from Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles that exists today accounting for the high failure rates.

As a child I learnt the inherent danger in saying “I do and till death do us part” to Takers; because not only will they leave when the going gets tough, they will DEMONIZE and destroy their ex-spouses reputation to avoid accountability, deflect responsibility and gain sympathy from WHOMEVER is gullible enough to believe one side of any story.

Irrespective of the stories told, ALL divorces are essentially about money at its core; because wherever TRUE LOVE exists, marriages flourish “till death do us part” in spite of challenges and against ALL odds.

Living according to Kingdom Principles has however taught me that giving to others with a heart of Jehovah; without harboring expectations from the beneficiaries of our generosity is the ABSOLUTE BEST way to live a blessed life.

I am amazed at the many selfish persons around who own more houses than they can live in; own multiples of just about everything but are still unhappily striving to acquire even more whilst foolishly failing to understand that their real problem is their insatiable DESIRE FOR MORE.

My personal prayer to Jehovah is to empower me to be a blessing to others through His Grace, Favor and Positioning; having good health and long life to enjoy the fruits of my labour daily.

It is a blessing, joy and utmost pleasure when I am able to do favors for others making it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that they owe me NOTHING in return; because Jesus Christ paid it ALL and I am blessed to be a conduit of His blessings to others.

Takers will always have the biggest savings account and earthly trappings but are also most likely to be dissatisfied; being unable to find joy from their many possessions which they take for granted whilst afflicted with a spirit of entitlement and ingratitude.

Until persons learn to Seek First the Kingdom of Jehovah and His Righteousness; enough will NEVER be enough and they will remain eternally bitter believing the world owes them every and anything.


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