Cooperation is the Ultimate ‘Superpower’

Femininity is the secret ingredient that empowers women to be cooperative and attractive to the kinds of men who will make them wives; in furtherance of honoring Jehovah by PRIORITIZING family according to Kingdom Principles.

In a world where self-worth and significance are heavily predicated on one’s position within the ‘MATRIX’; this has unfortunately resulted in leadership that is NOT SUBMITTED to Jehovah’s Kingdom Principles in ALL the critical facets of life.

Accordingly, the balance of power within the ‘MATRIX’ continues to be heavily skewed towards the less than 20% of men who controls over 80% of the wealth; which effectively gives them power to influence the values and attitudes of the majority of persons, particularly those who are spiritually gullible and sharing their CONTEMPT for Jehovah’s statutes.

It is this less than 20% of men who continue to pervert the IMPORTANCE of marriages according to Kingdom Principles; by leveraging their status and economic privileges to essentially abuse their wives and the seemingly unlimited supply of foolish women who are willingly settling for less than Jehovah INTENDED.

DISOBEDIENCE to Jehovah’s Word as per the Holy Bible has NEVER ENDED WELL for ANYONE; and it is foolish to believe that accomplishments or successes that circumvents Kingdom Principles will be sustainable or result in peace and joy.

It is ridiculous to believe that a miserable person in a Mercedes Benz is BETTER-OFF than one who is relatively poor but is enjoying unexplainable peace and joy; which conceptually is the lie that Satan has convinced many otherwise intelligent persons to believe, thereby making themselves slaves to the ‘MATRIX’.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that a wife who is submitting to her OWN husband who is COMMITTED to loving her the way Jesus Christ loves the church could be in ANYWAY inferior to women living otherwise; it is exhausting to listen to anti-marriage arguments from foolish people who conveniently cite the failures of a clear minority of exceptions as being the rule.

The institution of marriage as Jehovah INTENDED has been deliberately BASTARDIZED by persons seeking to gain the PROMISED benefits; whilst insisting on being DISOBEDIENT to His expressed rules of engagement as per the Holy Bible.

Too many persons are getting married for the WRONG REASONS having agendas that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Kingdom Principles; ALL in furtherance of selfish ambitions and should BEST leave marriage ALONE to instead dedicate their FULL ATTENTION to the ‘MATRIX’ seeing it is IMPOSSIBLE to serve two masters at the same time.

As a business owner, career professional, father and husband; my PRIORITY is my marriage which effectively makes Jehovah my MASTER and the source of EVERYTHING I need.

Those of us men blessed to have wives who exude strong feminine traits and tendencies are better equipped as builders who are capable of making something out of nothing; relative to others who are effectively nothing more than slaves to the ‘MATRIX’ that will eventually chew them up and spit them out at the end of their usefulness.

Anecdotal evidence suggests a direct correlation between women being cooperative/feminine and being suitable as wives as their HIGHEST CALLING in furtherance of FAMILY; otherwise, they are PERFECTLY suited for the ‘MATRIX’ where masculinity is demanded, and COOPERATION IS NON-NEGOTIABLE FOR EVERYONE.

It is most unfortunate that many women are seemingly more AMENABLE to being slaves to a ‘MATRIX’ that demonstrably and repeatedly use, abuse and DEMAND their cooperation; instead of remaining in her femininity and allowing herself to be CHOSEN as a wife to a man who is a worthy husband according to Kingdom Principles.

Women who become excellent wives by submitting to their OWN husbands are indeed WISE & STRONG; leaving the fools to be passed over and passed around by random men whilst claiming themselves to be independent and having to work like slaves within the ‘MATRIX’ to feed themselves and their oftentimes bastard children.

It has not occurred to the majority of so-called strong independent women that they are the ones MOST LIKELY to never get married; when married are the first to get divorced or will most likely end up being baby mamas, miserable and alone crying themselves to sleep in whatever circumstances they manage to afford by themselves.

A cooperative wife ALWAYS WINS in this game called life and both her husband and children will call her blessed; this is a GUARANTEE from Jehovah to women who TRUST & OBEY His Kingdom Principles and NOT believe the lies of Satan. Seeking First the Kingdom of Jehovah and His Righteousness is the ONLY foolproof way of realizing “GOOD SUCCESS” in this lifetime and for the rest of eternity; DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE of the ‘MATRIX’ which is an instrument of Satan to DESTROY lives on earth and condemn thereafter to eternal hell.


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