‘Character’ is Seldom Built in Comfort

The formative years of my life saw me being raised by a “kick-ass” divorced mother who was an Accountant who was excellent at her craft; whose raison d’etre was to ensure I achieved the ultimate in life.

My mother by ANY definition was a highly intelligent and educated woman relative to her contemporaries; had very strong middle class values: speaking, dressing and acting the part as well as the best of them.

Ms. Una as she was affectionately called, was a gorgeous woman who always had her hair and nails impeccably done; but as a single mother DID NOT entertain random men in and out of her life and MOST DEFINITELY NOT around me in our home.

The ONLY man I KNEW my mother to have had an intimate relationship with was my father; and she afforded EVERYTHING for us by the sweat of her brow and NOT on her back as apparently was/is the convention for a majority of “modern women.”

I watched my mother wakeup before 5:00 a.m. daily, six days a week as the accountant at a Hi Lo Supermarket for many years; before moving on to other subsequent work engagements where she equally and seemingly single-handedly held these businesses together in order to create a privileged lifestyle at home.

This “STRONG INDEPENDENT BLACK WOMAN” worked hard out of necessity to provide EVERYTHING I knew to want growing up; she purchased land and built our home from ground up without the benefit of inheritance, help from ANY MAN or sources other than a mortgage.

There was an occasion when my mother lost her job on account of malice, racial prejudice and literal “bad-mind”; I watched her lease Farm lands and accessed government loans and planted sweet potatoes to keep our home going in between jobs instead of being some random man’s bitch with attitude.

It was a joke to many in the community to see her wearing work gloves on her beautifully manicured fingers; working alongside the temporary workers she hired to plant sweet potatoes whilst insisting there was a need for me to participate.

If by chance you have not been following my writings this is merely one of a million stories behind the man so many love to hate; but seemingly not averse to using, abusing and otherwise taking advantage of undeserved benefits derived from my sheer existence.

I have dated women in the past who between themselves and their mother’s have dared to criticize the fact that I retired my mother whilst she was relatively young; because they were still chasing the Almighty Dollar without knowing how much my mother had already PAID HER DUES.

It was my greatest honor and privilege when Jehovah made provisions to retire my mother immediately upon securing my first job after graduating from university; and the greatest blessing ever was being able to pay off her mortgage within my first year of working and ensuring her head would never hurt AGAIN in life being concerned about money or ANYTHING AS LONG AS THERE IS BREATH IN MY BODY.

Today my mother is afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease living in a retirement home in Canada where she is receiving the necessary care to be comfortable until Jehovah calls her home; NO AMOUNT OF MONEY could get her that quality care here in Jamaica and is the cornerstone of my testimony that JEHOVAH MAKES NO MISTAKES.

The care my mother is currently receiving is the ONLY GOOD THING that has personally benefited me migrating to Canada; this makes the whole otherwise NIGHTMARE of an experience ABSOLUTELY WORTHWHILE and I could not have scripted it any better if I tried to achieve the SOLID CHARACTER I possess today.

I grew up with my mother having a family that never cared whether or not we lived or died; which prepared us both mentally for having children, grandchildren and a great grandchild (ren) being likewise as par for the course.

My mother raised me to understand that ALL we had was Jehovah and each other, so today as she sits in the departure lounge to heaven; I am left COMMITTED to being a husband according to Kingdom Principles trusting my own outcome to Jehovah because unlike her I will NOT likely have any children with the character she instilled in me.


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