Yahoo buys video services Evntlive and Ptch


This week, Yahoo purchased two online video companies- Evntlive and Ptch to diversify its online video content. Evntlive is an online live concert platform and Ptch is a mobile animation video platform from Dreamworks. Yahoo will close both companies, transferring their personnel to Yahoo. (

AOL’s working on a new video portal, Live From AOL, slated to open in fall. It’ll join AOL On and HuffPost Live, its existing channels. LFA will open with two hours per weekday of live content with a heavy emphasis on viewer interaction, entertainment, and humor. (

Facebook moved video auto-play from beta to full scale implementation. Mobile users can set auto-play in WiFi-only mode so it doesn’t eat up their bandwidth. Online users are stuck with it. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Movie Sites

Need a new fix for online film? The TV channel, Lifetime, hosts a free online video channel, too. Right now, you can watch the entire Bonnie and Clyde mini-series, among other shows. It’s completely free and legal. Unlike many cable networks, you do not have to enter cable or satellite customer information to prove that you get the channel on traditional TV.



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