Daily Motion provides ( viewers with a wide variety of fresh content on a daily basis. Users will find large stores of independent content, as well as a smattering of Hollywood content.

The site

Daily Motion divides its home page between featured videos, users, events, and groups. The majority of the page, of course, the site devotes to videos – one from each channel. The bottom third of the page, the site devotes to users, events, and groups. The site jam packs the home page with screen shots of featured content. On the upside, the user has a title and graphic by which to choose content, especially helpful since this site’s largely composed of indie content. On the downside, it can take a bit for the site to load, and the lack of white space makes the page a bit daunting.

If nothing floats one’s boat amid the featured video’s, not to worry. The site provides links to its major areas in the form of text links at the top of the page. User’s may choose from “Videos,” “Channels,” “Users,” “Groups,” and “My Channel.” One might also use the impressive search, which turned up exactly what was searched for every time. (Enjoy the CSI episode it unearthed, linked to below.)

There’s plenty to choose from at Daily Motion. The site divides content into stand alone “Videos” and “Channels” devoted to a particular topic or genre. The channels include: “news & politics,” “funny,” film & tv,” “music,” “auto-moto,” “travel,” “arts,” “gaming,” “webcam & vlogs,” “sports & extreme,” “animals,” “people & family,” “tech & science,” “college,” “flirt,” “life & style,” “latino,” and “gay & lesbian.” In the videos areas
most recent videos,” “videostars,” “creative content,” “official content,” and “hd content.”

Users, Groups, My Channel. To use “My Channel,” one must register. The benefits of registration are many. Users who register may publish their own video creations, comment on other users’ videos, favorite videos, interact with other users, and friend them, invite friends to view videos, and create user groups based on themes, events or relationships.


The media player

The almost perfect player provides stop, play, and a fast forward slider for playback. There’s also a sound slider with mute available. As a default, the player embeds in the page, but also offers a full screen option. One will also find a time counter and an HD option. Finally, there’s a settings menu in the lower left hand corner, titled “Menu,” that allows one to tweak such items as definition and playback size.

What’s to watch

Independent content comprises the body of the site, but not in the same sense as sites like Neave or IFC. Users will find mostly homemade content at Daily Motion in the creative content areas. Official content though consists of content professionally developed by Daily Motion, and studio content that has gone into the public domain.

Among the highlights of the official content, users can watch 1937’s “The Fighting Deputy,” and the much more recent indiewire feature on “Madonna’s Filth and Wisdom.” The creative content includes “Beach Walk 606 Bill Explains How to be Bionic” and “Trick or Treat Skateboarding.”

Stream quality

The site keeps its videos short and sweet. Even user contributed Hollywood content gets broken into multiple parts. This short length, combined with DM’s servers and bandwidth, makes stream quality high, no matter what the video type.

The folks at the Hubble telescope produce mighty snazzy videos, including this one called “Galaxies Gone Wild.” Everything streams wonderfully. There’s no lag. There’s no buffering issues. Sound and picture quality are both high. Other films that experienced perfect streams include Zaproot 33:China declares war on the weather, and Short Film.

While visiting, check out the The Viral film Festival winners. The absolute must see among the viral winners is “Eggs,” a live action/animation hybrid that’s anything but amateur. Another must see is the foreign short film, “Ghost in a real car accident,” shot in the pseudo-documentary story telling style used by “The Blair Witch Project.”

Finally, there’s that smattering of Hollywood content, including CSI’s Season 3 Episode 3 in five parts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) although there was faulty sound on the third part.) It’s too bad that the site doesn’t have more of this type of content because the Internet needs hosts like this one with consistent high quality streams.


With its every changing, every growing selection of shorts, virals, indies, and feature length videos, it’s an unmatched virtual storehouse of entertainment. It makes finding content easy via its numerous channels, and playback enjoyable with its superior player. The site delivers all-around high quality: video production, streaming, site design, and use. Readers should make daily visits to Daily Motion.



This post guest-written by Carlie Lawson… 


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