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The original DivVin, a hybrid host and content aggregator, had a huge following. Too huge it seems. The old DivVin crashed because it was way too popular.

“Our little server could not handle the immense amount of visitors and at one point simply blew on us,” Kuiper explained. “That was when we decided to take a break and start developing a whole new concept.”

Although the new DivVin will continue as a hybrid, the owner built in features he hopes will attract other sites to feature their content on his site which will take a large part of the hosting brunt off of DivVin’s servers. For instance, owners of other online video media – movie forums, blogs and Web sites – may advertise their site for free on DivVin 2.0 in exchange for listing their movie titles on the site. In fact, the site will offer Webmasters update feeds.

Kuiper included a related feature to make it easier for members to share movies – the single click code grabber. With one mouse click, a user can acquire a post code including the movie’s poster, description, information link, cast list and DivVin watch links.

The owner hopes the combination of features will be the key to quickly building a massive movie list, but he’s also mindful of keeping up DivVin’s existing reputation as a provider of high quality movies. He’s developed features “to easily separate quality movies from bad cams” automatically.

Among the plethora of other changes within the application will be in site streaming of all movies (regardless of host) and additional ancillary information for each film. The original DivVin allowed users to add a poster and description to each video, but in 2.0 users can add genres, photos, reviews, cast members, description, poster and trailers (à la IMDB).

Note that’s plural genres. Want to see a sci-fi movie, but no one in particular? On DivVin you will not only be able to sort movies by genre and year, but easily find cross-genre works since the database allows movies multiple genre assignments. Every movie page will also list related movies, so users can easily locate more of what they like.

Of course, as owner and lead designer, Kuiper has his favorite feature – the new member area. DivVin members will be able to add pages (à la Sidereel) to the site allowing them to create homages to their favorite movies, actors, directors, genres, etc.

As if that’s not enough, Kuiper still has one new feature he’s keeping a secret until launch. Although no official date has been set, Kuiper expects the site to go live in about three weeks, so we’ll all have to wait and see.


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