“Full Screen Options” 

“Great Video Quality”

“Descriptive Programme Information”

“Visual Programming Guides”

“Great Social Networking Features”

“Interactive Features”

The bottom line…JOOST ROCKS!!! Even better news…I have 1, possibly 2 free invites for two (2) lucky Readers. Just post in response – the name of my main Blog at The Second Coming and the invite is yours.

First come, first served basis. Email full name and email address to complete transaction.


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  1. Great…I have a definite winner in Malte. In Josh, we also have a winner…he got it right the second time around. Thanks very much for particpating.

  2. Folks,

    This offer is closed. Congrats to Josh Turner and Malte Boess. Hope they are enjoying their invites. JOOST Rocks!!!

    Remember to join me May 4th for the next version of Happy Hour AT JOLLYJO where there is always something on offer…