Ten (10) Essential Tips For Online Study

Get a Writing Assistant

Many students could become more successful by simply improving their writing skills. One essential tip is to open an account with Grammarly, an online ‘writing assistant’, which has been proven to be quite effective. Free accounts are available, and some universities provide premium accounts for their students. 

Develop Keyboard Skills

If you do a timed assignment/assessment it simply means your typing skills cannot be subpar. Get even with your other classmates, even it requires taking a course to develop your keyboard typing skills.

Use a Reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If you are online taking a course and your future depends on it, why take the gamble with an unstable/unreliable internet connection. Be sure to enlist with the best provider for your area by doing research and getting recommendations.

Have a Backup Internet Connection

I have seen many instances where the internet connection goes down during Mid and End of Semester Assessments. Again, why gamble like this…a second seamless backup connection is highly recommended. A cell phone hotspot, for example, could be a good solution especially with most of us already having a smartphone. (Be sure to learn how to set up and troubleshoot any solution you take on).

Power is Everything

Some countries like Jamaica have an unreliable Power Supply provider. A generator backup may be an expensive backup so always practice to have laptop/computers and phones fully charged and or make reliable arrangements to physically switch locations in the event of predicted or worse sudden loss of power.

Secure a Backup Machine

Sometimes the disruption to an assignment/assessment is not from an external source but from your not having a reliable laptop/computer. Again cost is an important factor but it is well worth the peace of mind to have a less expensive reliable backup such as a tablet on hand.

Create a Safe Haven

Being distracted during an important assignment or assessment, or even during class is a recipe for subpar performance. Make sure that whether you are at work or home that a ‘safe haven’ is created at least for those important hours where your focus should be at its peak.

Know Your Tools

Online study programs will require you to use several online tools such as Learning Management Systems (for example, Moodle), file uploaders such as Dropbox, and much more. Set aside time to identify, research and develop proficiency in using these tools. In a crisis, the moment you save could mean the difference between passing and failing.

Develop A Routine, Eat and Rest Well

Some students fall asleep or wander away during class. I am sure the same goes for assignments and assessments. Be sure to review your work commitments, home chores, rest, and eating cycles to ensure you are properly ‘fueled’ for class and other important sessions. Low energy and physical absence are subpar performance enablers.

Get Some Covid Protection

Finally, the Covid Pandemic will continue to take its toll. Protect yourself, your family, and your surroundings to remain healthy both mentally and physically, s well as to ensure you are not adding another stressful situation on top of your already demanding/stressful study requirements.

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  1. Thank you for these constructive suggestions, especially refining keyboarding skills, as our new reality will rely on everyone to type more and write less. Computer skills are needed more than ever, especially in Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.

    1. Well…the exams are our entire life ahead of us. While we should not overstress ourselves, a well thought out approach can definitely improve our fortunes overtime…