Sample Proposal to Develop Business Plan and Provide Business Support (2)

I have outlined below a framework for supporting (company) over the coming months. My proposal is for a monthly retainer of (amount). My estimation is that projects can be completed within 1 month but have indicated further more specific timing. In order not to put stress on (company) cashflow…I am proposing the retainer is paid over 9 months.

  • Develop Corporate Profile – 1 week
  • Complete Full Business Plan – 1 month
  • Set up internal Communication tool at nominal cost – 1 week

Corporate Profile

Develop simple profile in PowerPoint or other suitable software for (company) to use as introductory material for banks and business partners. This is 90% complete awaiting feedback and additional refinement.

Business Plan

Develop full business plan to assist(company) in raising capital to funding startup and operational costs. Will be available to make ongoing tweaks as different investors sometimes require a different perspective. Overtime, business conditions and realities will also change.

Communication Tool

This will include a secure online interface to assist with day to day communication,(company) intranet, (company) Project Manager, etc.


Website and Online Branding

Not sure what you have done here but I can draft a full layout and develop all content required for website. I Work with website developer to build and launch website. N.B. I work closely with a developer who is very reasonable and offers a payment plan and will not double charge for the layout and content developmement. Here is one site I have helped design:

Provide Accounting Services

This, I am suggesting we discuss further. Based on the accounting support required by (company), an approach would be to use a lower level accounting staff to essentially complete journal entries, make the actual postings, complete reconciliations, and maintain the General Ledger on a day to day basis. A senior accountant (on my recommendation) would then be contracted to complete the financial statements and management reports through a networked system that requires not more 2 to 3 days visit to the office monthly.

It’s an approach used by many small businesses to save on costs. As before, we would need to discuss further to develop the approach and establish costing as a separate matter.

Looking forward to your response.


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