Mistakes CEOs Make – Managing Their Businesses and People Minutely

I have seen managers literally try to manage as things happen. There is no order, no to do list…just a reaction on the spot as the work day unfolds. Continue with this approach and do so at your own peril. Apart from the minutely shock to your system which is bound to cause some health problems sooner or later, it is disruptive to the flow of the business but also to staff who have planned activities, some of which maybe time sensitive.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some events that simply can’t wait and which needs immediate attention. Those though are mission critical activities that threaten a business segment or the business itself. If those are happening minutely or even daily, you are in the wrong business!

Outside of the real disruptive events which should be obvious when they happen, managers must see to proper planning to ensure it that every workday follow a certain pattern and that staff have a chance to complete the activities they are assigned. I have seen many a manager dig their own grave when the staff replies…I was unable to complete the assigned reconciliation on time because I am constantly interrupted and proceed to give examples, some of which were the manager’s own doing. The situation not only compromises the CEOs position and ability to manage and schedule but also significantly disrupts staff and in turn business productivity.   

My advice, use the technology now widely available to smooth the day’s work and interaction with staff. Shared calendars are excellent to update staff of unscheduled activities. Communication tools can be effective collaboration tools keeping everyone in the loop as opposed to manual disruptions to find out how tasks are developing. The email is fast becoming obsolete but nonetheless, still an effective tool to make requests of staff and ask for follow up.

Skillfully used, these tools provide the CEO with an effective means of monitoring work and staff progress without the minutely disruption…disruption which continuously stop the flow of work and stifles some staff as they just don’t function well closely supervised. To the technology-challenged CEO – if simply overwhelmed by the pace of email and the like, just use good old fashioned pen and paper!


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