You will recall my post a few days ago on a mom’s yearnings for a comeback of the good things in life. Here, another mom and guest blogger – Loni Stel, writes about a few yearnings of her own while expressing great hope for her prayers to answered soon…




Knowing the brevity of life, and that the purpose on earth is to glorify God, my comeback wishes after three years of grieving the loss of my 16-year old son, is to refocus on LIFE and my ten living children. These are my secret prayers, the longings of my heart, and I believe with God’s help each is realistic in achieving.

1. My continued yearning and prayer is that my children stay strong in their faith and relationship with God. I did not say “my” faith. I want their faith to be personal, as they seek God, and believe what they believe because they see the evidence in their lives.

2. It is my yearning that as I share my faith, my walk with God, and my convictions, that it’s not just words, but can be seen by what I do. I want to walk the talk, not just talk the talk. I want the invisible God of my life visible in what I do and say.

3. I want to be more compassionate to those around me, including my family, my friends, and those in my community. There are so many hurting people, and I personally know the deep despair and unbearable pain of losing a child. It is my yearning that I can reach out to others and show them love and compassion, especially for those that feel alone.

4. I want to have more joy, and not allow the little things in life to rob me of that joy. It is easy to allow things to overwhelm, so instead, I want to learn to let some thing go. I need to make an effort to whisper a prayer to God to let joy override my sorrow.

5. I want to be able to let “chores” go. The laundry will always be there; the sink will always have dishes in it; but the children will grow up and move on with their lives. Letting the dishes go for a half hour to snuggle and read a silly book to the children will make memories; dusting the entertainment center will not!

6. I yearn to protect my children from the devastation and evil in the world. I know it will be difficult, but I can hide it from them for awhile. I can turn the TV channel when graphic advertisements appear or when the news anchor tells the story of yet another murder or assault, revealing it too explicitly. Why not protect their hearts and minds, too? I can turn over those sleazy magazines in the grocery checkout lane; my children will see and learn of this soon enough. One more day, week, or month of innocence for them is worth protecting.

7. I yearn to keep memories alive for my children and generations to come. I am getting out those shoe boxes filled with photos and again making goals of filling the scrapbooks. My scrapbooks may not be filled with all the latest embellishments, but time might stand still as pages are opened and memories relived. I yearn to remember the good times, and working on so many pages each month will accomplish that.

8. I yearn for my children to understand personally what purity is. It first starts in their hearts with an understanding that they do not have to look and live like the movie stars or majority of the kids at the local public school. The work begins with what they wear, and seeing how they act and interact with others. I don’t want us dressing like the Amish, but I want them covered — no cleavage showing, no butt cracks showing, and clothes not worn tighter than their skin. My children can be shown they are beautiful and that indeed, their inner beauty will show through modest clothing. It is my yearning that this kind of purity can be contagious rather than the modern culture of dress.

9. I yearn for parents to be more aware of the dangers in our culture. Many parents will warn their kids of the dangers of talking to strangers, drugs, and sex, but do they know of such things as the “choking game,” huffing, and what may appear as harmless, that is killing children daily? I was one of those parents that never heard of the choking game, until it killed my 16-year old son (see I will remember my son, daily, even though his life was ended by a foolish game. I yearn to shake up parents and warn them of things like the choking game, and help them communicate with their children that kids really do die. It’s my daily prayer that my son’s death can save other children’s lives.

10. As so many of us, I long for peace in our homes, community, schools, and nation. But the peace must first begin in our homes by loving each other, accepting each other’s faults, giving encouragement, and being forgiving. If I can teach my children to live peaceably, and they do so in their lives, imagine the domino affect it could have.



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  1. yes, we all yearn for the above. i guess we [mothers] priority are our children and people around us. we’ve come to an age where material things don’t really matter. love and peace of mind are tops. great list!

  2. Just a real passionate mother who has been through a lot. Seems though she is in a much better place.

    Yeah…great list and heartfelt too!